We’ve all seen it before; the sore thumb sticking out at a fancy wedding dinner. Here are some pointers on how to avoid making a dressing faux pas!

1. Avoid Jeans/Shorts
Although this sounds pretty obvious, more often than not, a fair number of people turn up at weddings looking like city cowboys. Jeans and shorts may be comfortable to wear, especially for a wedding ceremony that may last for a good 3 hours or more, but it sends the vibe that you’re dressed down for a formal occasion, rather than appearing at your sharpest. A wedding is normally considered a social event, and appearing laid-back won’t do much for your reputation and credibility.

2. Don’t Wear White!
White is an incredibly common colour to wear, but be warned; unless you’re the bride or one of the bridesmaids, you might want to skip it. By wearing white, there is always the possibility of upstaging the bride, who may not take too well to competition. As inconsequential as this may seem, there are instances whereby the lady of the hour may wish to stand in the spotlight and be easily identifiable through that dazzling white gown. Having a few other women walking around in white may dilute that perceived attention, so stay on the safe side!

3. Not Conforming to the Theme
More often than not, we (Malaysians) neglect to look carefully at the wedding invitation that is delivered to us. As a result, we also fail to dress according to the theme indicated therein (if any), and appear in our normal attire. Although, commonly, the dress theme will be formal or occasionally black tie, there may be times when the host will specify a very specific theme/colour for the event. By not reading the invitation properly, chances are, the theme never really gets across, and everyone ends up in their standard dinner dresses!

4. Avoid Revealing Attire
Granted, wedding ceremonies are undoubtedly one of the best places to meet potential partners, but it might not be the best of ideas to arrive dressed to kill. Being garbed in attractive clothes are fine, but arriving at a wedding looking like you’re stepping into a nightclub will send all kinds of wrong signals. Putting modesty aside, most wedding dinners are held at venues where the air-conditioning gets quite cold, so the more skin you show, the faster you’ll freeze!

The key to dressing for a wedding should be moderation, and as long as one keeps in mind the importance of being respectful to the bride and groom, he/she shouldn’t go too far wrong.

All the best at your next wedding gala!


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