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A very warm welcome to all my readers, new and old alike! Say hello to my revamped blog site!

Here, you’ll find a slightly different aspect of my life, and take a peek behind what goes on behind the scenes in my work!

Take, for example, my recent stint at the Malaysian International Fashion Week, held at Zebra Square not too long back. It was an extremely long day for me, but at the very end, it all paid off! The feeling of seeing my designs take the runway is rather indescribable, although I was rather nervous during the entire ordeal.

Here’s a video of the proceedings;

Furthermore, when I saw the length of the gowns trailing behind the models as they sashayed down the runway, the only thing that I could think to myself was, “..please don’t trip and fall!”

Fortunately for me, the models were all professionals, and they strutted their stuff without missing a stride, to my utter relief.

Before the veil is lifted…

The blushing bride strides down the runway!

Intricate headpieces…

Deborah Henry never fails to look stunning!

But the best part of the day would be seeing my two daughters, as they proudly walked beside me at the finale. Little dears that they were, they got a bit overenthusiastic, and paraded all the way to the front, before realizing that their laughing mum was still at the back.

The little one following the older one’s lead…

…all the way to the front…

…before they realized that they had wandered off a bit too far.

Priceless moments.

Taking a bow!

Ever since that event, its just been a hectic time throughout the year end, and now, with wedding bells ringing in the air, its going to be a challenging year ahead!

Thanks for making it to this point, and do drop by every now and then, for some insights into the life of a working mum, and for the occasional tidbits (advice) on wedding affairs!

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