Dear readers,

In a recent photoshoot, I had the privilege of being part of a collaboration between Celest Thoi (my label) and Louis Vuitton!

High-pitched shrieks about bags aside, this effort was to showcase their new bridal jewels collection, and I had the honour of supplying my dresses to complement the amazing pieces that LV would be putting on the shelf.

Don’t mind me, I’m just adjusting the train.

My ever-present clothes rack, that follows me around wherever I go.

The gorgeous Stephanie Chai! Peeking out from behind a hanging ornament.

The make-up artists at work (ladies, do try to ignore the superbly dashing, muscle-bound man standing at the back)

Demure, and elegant as always!

Shoes, shoes, shoes! (No photoshoot is complete without shoes)

Lovingly tender and sexy, all at once!

Another shot of the suave Maico!

Somehow, I always appear shorter when I’m in a photograph.

The whole affair was made possible with the presence of the masters of the industry; Wee Chee the stylist, Aaron Lee from Lensworks behind the camera, and the man behind the makeup, Khir Khalid. Of course, the two stunning models Stephanie and Maico lent their charm to the camera, and voila! a perfect photoshoot!

Many thanks to Jasmin from Louis Vuitton for this wonderful opportunity, and I just can’t wait to see the end results!

And its a wrap! Time to trundle the good ol’ bell rack back home, after a long day’s work with LV.


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