Now, it may not seem like I enjoy being out in the sun, but there are times when soaking a little ultraviolet can be extremely delightful (its due to the Vitamin D that gets churned out, perks you right up)

I got this opportunity to frolic in the sun when I had the opportunity to collaborate in a photoshoot with the maestro herself, Jenny Sun! It was an outdoor shoot, smack in the middle of the field, no less, with enough sunlight to properly light up her shots.

Beautiful weather and cherry blossom as backdrop…what more can you ask for!?

You must be wondering, how does one actually conduct a photoshoot in the middle of the day, with the Malaysian weather being what it is? Its either one melts into a puddle (with a wedding gown to sop it up) or gets drowned when the field becomes a paddy field after a flash flood hits it.

Well, it wasn’t in Malaysia. =)

At last check, there are no Belgenny Farms anywhere in Malaysia.

Yes, I was Down Under, where kangaroos abound (pun intended) and platypus are not something one just sees in pictures.

Look at how quaint that is! (and yes, I was tempted to see if it could still be moved)

And that is moi, sneaking in a photo as a keepsake.

Look at the pros in action! With such intense focus, they probably wouldn’t have shifted their camera lenses if a flaming barrel with a million dollars in it rolled right past them.

Lots of props, lots of attention to details.

You wouldn’t want to mess with these photographers (and is that the coolest treehouse in the background?)

It was simply amazing working with Jenny and her team members, David and Vincy who put the whole thing together. Awesome meeting and working with like-minded peeps! Looking forward to more collaborations in the future!

Credits to these amazing people;

Hair/Makeup: Amy Chan Hair & Makeup Artistry
Florals: Chanele Rose Flowers & Styling
Stylist: Jess from The Bridal Collective

Model: Monique Wright

And, some eye candy from the shoot;

Till the next time round,

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