Sometimes, its rather amazing to think that 2 whole years have passed since MIFW 2009, when everything seems like it was just yesterday! I can still remember frantically dressing the models backstage, while they sashayed back and forth on the catwalk, all the while trying to figure out where those safety pins went. Models bustled in and out, and the dressing area was like a little airport runway, with flights coming in and out, and people making announcements every few minutes or so. Me? I played the part of the happy air traffic controller, directing where the models would go, when they would step out, and what they had to change into.

Backstage! Where 1/2 of the action takes place.

Some last minute touch-ups.

And what a runway it was! The Celestial collection was my pride and joy, and it was extremely satisfying to see my creations being paraded in front of the crowd, with the models looking as if they were ready to get hitched at any moment!(and they could have, too, since they were fully decked out for a wedding reception)

A dreamy piece, with a hint of flamboyance, and exotica (denoted by the literal feather on the fascinator).

Wardrobe malfunction? Not at all, it was a planned interruption, to highlight the versatility of the dress (and no, the guy was not being too forward)

Long, flowy dresses are my favourites! The fascinator was a special touch to lend a certain gritty edge to it.

After the long parade in white, an injection of colour was needed. The next line of models brought in the cheongsam series, with its many varied colours and Asian flavour! These serve perfectly for the many gowns that our Malaysian brides change into over the 10 course dinner, so you could say that it was a complete package!

Brings you back to the Shangai Bund era, doesn’t it?

Sashaying away, this model displays the elaborate attention to detail of the dress, from the posterior!

She’s bringing sexy back. Most definitely.

The showstopper, of course, was Deborah Henry, in a stunning piece, and seeing her take the runway made me feel like getting married all over again (just to wear the dress, no offence to the husband). Simple, yet luxurious, and together with Swarovski embellishments, I had a momentary wish to don it myself.


Smoldering eyes. I’ll have to learn how to do that.

To top it all off, I was also required to walk down the aisle (so to speak) together with the models displaying my creations, and I’d have to say that it was an incredibly fun experience.

Look at that height!

In retrospect, the MIFW event served as an appetiser for more things to come, and before you know it, its already MIFW 2011! This time ’round, I’ll be presenting a whole new collection, and its definitely going to be as challenging (if not more) than the previous show!

Stay tuned for further updates leading up to MIFW 2011!


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