Dear readers, have you ever wondered what it’d be like to be in a TV commercial? I certainly did, until I had an amazing opportunity to be part of one!

It was sometime in January, and it was for FIL, one of leading players in the beauty and wellness industry. I played, well, myself, and even got to fiddle with a wedding gown on screen! Truely my natural element. In any case, I can safely say, it was no walk in the park!

It all starts with the essential makeup session. Hot, glaring lights, and a thick layer of foundation? Not very comfortable, but hey, its all part of the job!

An all-ladies affair!

Here, you can see Kady Leyau in action.

I think I was just about to start smiling.

A brief out-take, where I got a chance to catch my breath!

Here is the part where I gaze endearingly at the flowers I have just received…

…and here is where I pretend to make adjustments to the dress…

…and here is where my hair had to be touched up because it went haywire.

You will be wondering, “What’s the TVC about?”. Well, the storyline goes something like this;

“Celest receives a bouquet of flowers from her husband, and a card which reads, “You look more beautiful now than you did at our wedding 5 years ago! What is your secret for looking so good after all these years?”

– Celest smiles knowingly, and the camera fades away, and onto Kady Leyau, Brand Director of FIL –

“Kady receives a bouquet of flowers and a card from Celest which says, “Dear Kady, ever since I started the facial treatments at FIL, my skin has never looked better! Even my husband is asking what’s my secret to looking so good! Thank you!”

– Kady smiles, happy to know of another customer satisfied with FIL –

Can’t imagine what the whole dialogue above was about? Here’s the final product, for your viewing pleasure!

A short ad, but certainly a challenging one to shoot. I really can’t imagine how the professionals do it on a regular basis!

Do drop by the FIL website here, for more info on their amazing products!


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