It has once again come to that time of the year where the under-appreciated men in our lives get their due recognition. Sure, they may be all gaga about the World Cup right now, and their attention span may have dropped to non-existent levels (until the match is over) but we know of their ongoing efforts and tireless attempts to be the father figure in the household.



The loving husband and father!
(although he looks calm and composed, you can tell by his eyes that he’s waiting to skedaddle and watch Ivory Coast v Japan)



With that, here’s a loud congratulations to all the fathers out there. Young and old alike, from those who either have just started holding their baby’s hands as they take their first steps, to those who are walking down the aisle to give their daughter’s hand away in marriage, your commitment and dedication to the family and children will always be cherished.

Happy Father’s Day!

Ok, you can go back to your World Cup match now.

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