Shiny, bejeweled rings are the source of much joy and excitement for women across all demographics. Somehow or other, the sight of the sparkly stone set on top of a polished ring sparks off all kinds of emotions in a female heart (namely the sudden inexplicable desire to ask the husband to drop by the jewelry store on the way home from work) As much as a dog is man’s best friend, so is the diamond ring a woman’s soul mate (even though it can’t bring over the newspaper or guard your house).

Tiffany and Co. knows these facts very well, and doesn’t hesitate to produce immaculately crafted art pieces, designed to bedazzle and charm. When they had a showcase event in their store in KLCC, I leaped at the chance to take part in it! After all, wedding gowns and wedding rings go hand in hand! =)

I was there slightly earlier, to get the models prepped up, and take the runway… which was a quick circuit around their shop.


The staff, briefly chatting while waiting for the show to begin.


Trying on a piece, with great care.


Since it was mainly a showcase of Tiffany & Co.’s accessories, the models flaunted the dazzling pieces adorning their hands with great gusto!

The crowd going ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over the masterpieces.


Snacks and a good deal of champagne were served all around.


A dazzling ring, with an equally dazzling smile.


Such mesmerizing eyes!


Careful attention is drawn to that little stone on her finger.


Ladies, don’t you just wish you had one of these? (and if you already do have one of these, don’t you wish having another bigger one?)


Swans themselves learn how to glide across the water from her.


Champagne refills, as the show progressed.


Backstage, this time round, was a little room where the experienced models practically flew in and out of their gowns!


This photo, taken out of context, looks remarkably like a proposal.


Tugging on so many rings must truly be a woman’s dream come true.


Earrings also form part of Tiffany & Co’s arsenal to win over female hearts.


Here I am, trying to sneak in a photo.


Suave gentleman.


It was hectic backstage, as the circuit around the store was rather small, and the models only had a minimal amount of time to switch dresses!


This gentleman looks as nervous as the best man entasked to make sure the wedding ring doesn’t go missing on the wedding day. (its even worse for him – he has a lot more than a single pair of rings in that box!)


A good-looking chap, all set to show how a good cocktail is made…


…with a whole row of drinks handily available for instant mixing.


Meanwhile, backstage…


Another artistic shot of me trying to sneak in a photo.


With Benjamin Low, the extremely cheerful marketing manager of Tiffany & Co.!


Gleeful women proudly showing off their accessories!


Sometime during the show, I lost all colour. LOL

Many thanks to Tiffany and Co. for the opportunity to display my designs alongside their stunning pieces! Certainly an interesting experience, to perform a show where the runway is a circular loop, and the guidelines are trays upon trays of sparkling gems (its a testament to their professionalism that the models weren’t distracted while walking around)


Here I am, with the extremely tall models.

Looking forward to more collaborative work in the future!

Till the next time,
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