Are you looking to have a one of a kind designer dress? Every bridal gown designer has their own signature style. Which designer do you go for? Here are some insights on what to look for before engaging a bridal gown designer.     Knowing your own style. After saying “I do” many enthusiastic brides-to-be will most likely have done their research and created an album of wedding dress inspirations. After saving many pictures on sites like Pinterest or Instagram, you will tend to gather many pictures with the same designers’ name. This will help you narrow down the style of what you’re looking for in a dress. During appointments, it is always good to show the designer these pics so... Read more » Read More

Going Loco Over Local!

Some years ago, I wrote about how local designers’ work were under-appreciated when compared with established international brands. It was written partly out of frustration and mostly out of a need to vent my opinion that local talent were just as good. (You can read all about my ranting over here) Fortunately today, I get the sense that people now value local talent whether it is in music, comedy, sports, art, design and fashion. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the stigma surrounding locally made goods and services are beginning to fall away, to be replaced by a grudgingly earned sense of pride in our backyard produce. Why is this important? Because it cuts away all the negative news (usually... Read more » Read More
For me, October’15 started off with a (figurative) bang, brought about by my participation in the Pink Project! Cutesy as it sounds, the Pink Project is not so much a painting endeavour, but rather, a collaborative effort between Malaysia’s top fashion designers working with Harper’s BAZAAR to create pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness and also to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Welfare Assocation! (lets call it BCWA for brevity). I had the exclusive opportunity to work alongside Sonny San for Eclipse, Khoon Hooi, Izrin Ismail for Innai, Sereni and Shentel to come up with the variants of the iconic pink ribbon, with the liberty of adding our own personal touches! My signature Fleur de Lis embroidered onto every ribbon!... Read more » Read More
For every new house owner, shifting homes is always an exciting thing. There’s that sense of adventure, the idea of waking up to something other than the same old thing that you’ve woken up to for the past umpteenth years. The very act of painting the wall a different shade of pink and rearranging the sofa set can be an amazingly satisfying endeavour, one that speaks of new beginnings and fresh starts. In my case, moving shop is every bit as exciting, and I believe equally challenging! Yes, after 5 years of setting up shop here, Celest Thoi will be moving from the 1st floor of Publika, to an exciting new venue! And like a shifting of homes, it’s definitely... Read more » Read More
As the dust settles on an extremely hectic KL Fashion Week, I finally get a chance to take in a breather, sit back & begin to document what was perhaps one of the most exciting events of 2015! (in my books, at least)   The Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (or KLFW) is an annual event organized by Andrews Models. Incepted in the spirit of bringing local fashion to new and exhilarating heights, the event sees the creative best gather to showcase tonnes of raw talent and panache. For a period of five days (and five nights if you count the after-parties), the location turns into a wonderland of style, runway & gorgeous models. Backstage is where rows upon rows of dresses,... Read more » Read More

Rimowa Bags Galore

As a frequent traveller, I always had a particular requirement that my luggage be of a certain quality. After all, when I’m disembarking on foreign shore, the last thing i want is to find my belongings scattered due to a snapped lock or torn zip. Furthermore, while dragging a trundling suitcase full of my client’s dresses and accessories, I certainly cannot afford to lose any of them along the way! The simple solution? Rimowa. At this juncture, I can’t remember where or when I came to start using it, but its been around for awhile now like a trusted friend whom I’ve grown so used to but never really analysed how smart she actually is. It was only when Rimowa... Read more » Read More

“Thank You, Dita”

I still remember when I first started this label, a feeling of both excitement and fear hung over like a cloudy day. So many things could’ve gone wrong. What if I can’t pay my suppliers / utilities / rent? What if I don’t even have a single client in a month? What if I can’t get back into the employment of a safe corporation if this business fails? There were so many ‘what ifs’ standing between me and the future road to happiness. All these questions became very real when business was slow. However, (and this is the most important point) I discovered what truly made me happy when I had my first few clients: seeing the smile and tears... Read more » Read More
Architect and builder. Shoe designer and cobbler. Bonnie and Clyde. Salesmen and their support staff. The Designer and the Seamstress. In any industry, there is always the creative mind and the skilled hands that produces the final product. Most people would see me as the person who knits and stitches every dress together, with most of my time spent having a needle in hand and a spool of thread in the other. The image of a seamstress, busily unravelling out dresses like a production line would be the first one that comes to mind. Yes, something like this, but with more needles and thread. When I first started in the business, I had to juggle between the hats of designer,... Read more » Read More
It has once again come to that time of the year where the under-appreciated men in our lives get their due recognition. Sure, they may be all gaga about the World Cup right now, and their attention span may have dropped to non-existent levels (until the match is over) but we know of their ongoing efforts and tireless attempts to be the father figure in the household.   The loving husband and father! (although he looks calm and composed, you can tell by his eyes that he’s waiting to skedaddle and watch Ivory Coast v Japan)     With that, here’s a loud congratulations to all the fathers out there. Young and old alike, from those who either have just... Read more » Read More
Travelling has always been one of the preferred perks in my line of work. More often than not, as a designer, my job takes me to different places to learn, absorb, and redefine my way of thinking every now and then, so that I can hone my creative edge and remain artistically different. Although it wasn’t all fun and games, nonetheless, every minute spent was certainly a memorable one! My most recent educational trip to London was no exception. It began with a venture into the University of the Arts, London, at Central Saint Martins (or, CSM, if the full name is too much of a tongue twister). A public tertiary art school, it offers a series of courses, ranging... Read more » Read More