Are you looking to have a one of a kind designer dress? Every bridal gown designer has their own signature style. Which designer do you... Read more » Read More

Going Loco Over Local!

Some years ago, I wrote about how local designers’ work were under-appreciated when compared with established international brands. It was written partly out of frustration... Read more » Read More
For me, October’15 started off with a (figurative) bang, brought about by my participation in the Pink Project! Cutesy as it sounds, the Pink Project... Read more » Read More
For every new house owner, shifting homes is always an exciting thing. There’s that sense of adventure, the idea of waking up to something other... Read more » Read More
celest_klfw_01-15 As the dust settles on an extremely hectic KL Fashion Week, I finally get a chance to take in a breather, sit back & begin... Read more » Read More
CT20 We were privileged to be invited to showcase as one of the designers at Weddings, Arts and Fashion 2015 held at Zebra Square. Technically, it wasn’t my... Read more » Read More
The hour was rather late when I was browsing through my emails at the end of the day (I’ve made it a habit to attend... Read more » Read More

Blessed Good Friday!

There is this saying that it always rains on Good Friday, just two days before Easter Sunday. I can imagine the havoc that would wreak... Read more » Read More
IMG-20150107-WA0003 Dear readers, Here’s a quick questionnaire for you to take; Are you; a) About to get married, and hunting high and low for that elusive... Read more » Read More

Rimowa Bags Galore

DSC_0154-5200X2550_V3-LoRes As a frequent traveller, I always had a particular requirement that my luggage be of a certain quality. After all, when I’m disembarking on foreign... Read more » Read More

“Thank You, Dita”

dita2 I still remember when I first started this label, a feeling of both excitement and fear hung over like a cloudy day. So many things... Read more » Read More
pix7 Architect and builder. Shoe designer and cobbler. Bonnie and Clyde. Salesmen and their support staff. The Designer and the Seamstress. In any industry, there is... Read more » Read More
75906_10151957616737009_1446805322_n It has once again come to that time of the year where the under-appreciated men in our lives get their due recognition. Sure, they may... Read more » Read More
img-20140409-wa0012 Travelling has always been one of the preferred perks in my line of work. More often than not, as a designer, my job takes me... Read more » Read More
img-234613161 A wedding is a defining moment in a person’s life and it is common to hear couples parting with huge sums of money to ensure... Read more » Read More
my1 At some stage of a local designer’s life, one is bound to come across this query. It is also one of the most aching questions... Read more » Read More
kate-hudson-dress-oscars-2014-600x600 The Academy Awards (or more commonly called The Oscars) is a time-honoured event that pays tribute to actors and actresses that have made significant achievements... Read more » Read More
wpid-img_47012537552555-1-1 Dear readers, Ask yourself these questions; 1. Are you in the process of sourcing for gowns, shoes, or other wedding-related apparel? 2. Are you free... Read more » Read More

Valentines, Cupid, and Instagram

To all my dear readers, a very happy Valentine’s Day to you! Tis’ the season (or at least day) to shower unending love and affection... Read more » Read More

Heating it Up in Hong Kong!

img-20140119-wa0000 With the beginning of a new year, there will always be exciting events to kick start the next 365 days of life. In my case,... Read more » Read More

Happy Chinese New Year!

It has come to that time of the year again, where families near and far gather together to enjoy each others presence (and more often... Read more » Read More

2013: In Retrospect

They say there’s no rest for the wicked, and true enough, after the grand do at the Tatler’s Ball, I was almost immediately hip-deep in... Read more » Read More
Dear readers, Every now and then, I get to put down my stitching for a bit, and play dress up on a night out in... Read more » Read More

Fancy A Dream Wedding?

If you had answered yes (or even if you didn’t) do swing by the Hilton this weekend to take a look at their latest offerings!... Read more » Read More
As most of you may know, I’m utterly hopeless when it comes to technology and all things related. With all the features most smartphones are... Read more » Read More
Shiny, bejeweled rings are the source of much joy and excitement for women across all demographics. Somehow or other, the sight of the sparkly stone... Read more » Read More
A few days back, the Internet was abuzz with the wedding of Sir Patrick Stewart to his girlfriend, Sunny Ozell. For comic book and sci-fi... Read more » Read More
It was a rather gray afternoon when I trundled my infamous bell trolley into Le Meridien, with overcast clouds threatening to drop a tonne of... Read more » Read More
What is an engagement? To some women, it entails a whole courtyard of blooming flowers, a string quartet playing Canon in D, and a man... Read more » Read More
Dear readers and friends, Wondering what ring to get when you pop the big question? Looking for the perfect wedding gown to walk down the... Read more » Read More
If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, The Apprentice is a reality game show which pits aspiring, dynamic, young businessmen and women against each other in... Read more » Read More
After a delightfully relaxing stopover in London, it was time to switch into the fast lane, and catch some sights and sounds in romantic Paris!... Read more » Read More
The Paris Fashion Week is a semi-annual affair, an event that all fashionistas and designers look forward to like a kid looks forward to Christmas.... Read more » Read More
Dear readers, Are you an avid follower of The Apprentice Asia? If you are, did you notice a rather familiar face been featured in the... Read more » Read More

Celest Thoi Goes to Tokyo!

Some time back, in February, you might have noticed my abrupt disappearance for a few days. No kidnap attempt of any sort, I was actually... Read more » Read More

Say Hi to Shirley!

Dear readers, If you’ve had the opportunity to drop by the shop in the past month or so, you may have noticed a hurried figure... Read more » Read More

Jehan Miskin Gets Hitched!

About a week ago, most of us were all agog over ballot boxes, indelible ink that may/may not have been washed off, and electricity issues.... Read more » Read More
We’ve all seen it before; the sore thumb sticking out at a fancy wedding dinner. Here are some pointers on how to avoid making a... Read more » Read More
As a working mother, I can personally attest to how difficult it is to nourish your career AND your kids all at the same time.... Read more » Read More

Happy Labour Day!

Good day dear readers! After a long year of slogging through work and drudgery, we finally come to the 1st of May, a very welcome... Read more » Read More
Its not every Sunday that one gets to see a gaggle of ladies happily sitting together around a table, chatting away while applying makeup AND... Read more » Read More
A little over a month ago, I got a pleasant surprise when I was contacted by Brides UK, (a weddings lifestyle magazine from the United... Read more » Read More
Dear readers, there is always an inordinate sense of joy when one sees his/her work being displayed to the public for their consumption, like how... Read more » Read More

The Bridezilla

‘I may now kiss the bride? Maybe later…’ I have been asked by many people how do I manage the dreaded mythical creature known as... Read more » Read More
Dear readers, Talk about a packed new year! Time really flies when one is busy , and before you know it, its already the Year... Read more » Read More

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

Thank God the world didn’t end in a cloud of blazing glory and hopefully it stays this way! We made it through another year and... Read more » Read More
Dear readers, I hope this blog post finds you in the best of health, and in the jolliest of moods this Christmas! First, we made... Read more » Read More
Dear readers, What a hectic month it has been! I’m sure you would have noticed that tonnes of weddings are going on in the month... Read more » Read More

A Photoshoot With Jenny Sun!

Now, it may not seem like I enjoy being out in the sun, but there are times when soaking a little ultraviolet can be extremely... Read more » Read More
Just a bit over 2 weeks ago, I had the opportunity to showcase my designs at a glitzy event called Fantabulous Weddings! at The Hilton,... Read more » Read More

Memoirs of a Working Mum

Ever since I came out on my own, one of the most common questions I get from curious customers goes something like this; “You’re a... Read more » Read More
When it comes to sizzling celebrity lifestyle scoops, and insights into the newest and most fashionable trends, Hello! Magazine has always been one of the... Read more » Read More
Dear readers, In a recent photoshoot, I had the privilege of being part of a collaboration between Celest Thoi (my label) and Louis Vuitton! High-pitched... Read more » Read More
Not too long ago, Signature Weddings released their July edition, together with the mini Wedding Book, and I had the honour of gracing their pages!... Read more » Read More
Dear readers, After a temporary hiatus, I’m back! And with bucketloads of stories and events to share! First up would be my thrilling visit to... Read more » Read More
Lets face it; there are normally two prevalent reasons why we shudder at going to wedding dinners- 1. The hefty ‘angpau’ packet that we have... Read more » Read More
My, how the time has flown. In the blink of an eye, its already past the half way mark for the year! Somehow, the first... Read more » Read More
Hello readers! Its been a while since the store at Publika was opened, and if you’ve been over here, you’ll know what the interior of... Read more » Read More

A Photoshoot at Le Midi!

In a recent photoshoot at the prestigious restaurant in Bangsar Shopping Centre, I had the privilege of seeing my creations (gown, shoes, and fascinator) being... Read more » Read More
Its certainly been an incredible month for me! About a week back, I was featured in HELLO! Magazine, alongside my stunning models, and now, I... Read more » Read More
Dear readers, I am in HELLO! Magazine! Woohoo…thank you all @ HELLO! Yes, I have the honour of being featured in the glamour and lifestyle... Read more » Read More
What is it about the big day that gets the men (and sometimes the women) all wobbly-kneed? We’ve all seen it (or even experienced it);... Read more » Read More
After much running around and back-breaking effort, I finally have my own brick and mortar shop! Yes, Celest Thoi is now happily located in Publika,... Read more » Read More
In an undisclosed residential location in Cheras not too long ago, I had a great time coordinating a photoshoot with the amazing people from Signature... Read more » Read More

A Blog is Born!

Dear Readers, A very warm welcome to all my readers, new and old alike! Say hello to my revamped blog site! Here, you’ll find a... Read more » Read More

A TVC Ad for FIL!

Dear readers, have you ever wondered what it’d be like to be in a TV commercial? I certainly did, until I had an amazing opportunity... Read more » Read More

Celebrity Dazzle!

It wasn’t all that long ago after the Malaysian International Fashion Week (MIFW) 2009 event that one of my pieces made it to the red... Read more » Read More
Sometimes, its rather amazing to think that 2 whole years have passed since MIFW 2009, when everything seems like it was just yesterday! I can... Read more » Read More