A wedding is a defining moment in a person’s life and it is common to hear couples parting with huge sums of money to ensure that the special day is as memorable as the Mona Lisa. This is all good and fine if the couple is sitting on a gold mine and wouldn’t mind doling out a little extra to have a better Kodak moment, but more often than not, newly wedded couples have a tendency to shake their heads after the wedding ceremony, and ask themselves, “Where did all that money go to?” Being part of the wedding industry, I have witnessed the craziness that couples sometimes lose themselves in when deciding on their wedding photoshoot or choosing their... Read more » Read More
At some stage of a local designer’s life, one is bound to come across this query. It is also one of the most aching questions because the thought that comes through my mind is: “Do you value yourself less than a person from another country?” But I can’t say that can I? That would be really bad customer service. So I try to explain that the materials used are not some cheap disposables and that the workmanship is of high quality. I know it is normal to look for a bargain, but it is such a misconception that being local is equivalent to being inferior. The mentality that home-grown equals to falling below-the-mark is still sadly prevalent among our community,... Read more » Read More
The Academy Awards (or more commonly called The Oscars) is a time-honoured event that pays tribute to actors and actresses that have made significant achievements in the film industry, by way of their talent and acting skills. The awards ceremony was first televised in 1929 (yes, all the way back then!) and is now viewed across the globe by millions of people in over 200 countries. All else aside, The Oscars is also the best occasion to put on your latest dress and flaunt it to the delights of the paparazzi! Normally, we have a slew of ladies (and men of course) who walk up the red carpet decked in the newest designs, and the 2014 Academy Awards was no... Read more » Read More
Dear readers, Ask yourself these questions; 1. Are you in the process of sourcing for gowns, shoes, or other wedding-related apparel? 2. Are you free on the 5th, 6th or 7th of March? 3. Have you been having the inexplicable urge to drive up to Publika, Solaris Dutamas of late? If you have answered yes to all (or even any) of these questions, well, you’re clearly looking to drop by our showroom for Celest Thoi’s Sample Sale! With up to 80% off , you’ll surely have something to bring back home (at the very least, memories of a good time browsing for dresses) So, do give me a buzz to set up an appointment, and bring your friends along as... Read more » Read More

Valentines, Cupid, and Instagram

To all my dear readers, a very happy Valentine’s Day to you! Tis’ the season (or at least day) to shower unending love and affection to your loved ones! (and if you’re just not the type to gush out loving emotions, today is as good a day as any to start) And while you’re at it, why not take part in this simple little contest? Yup, if you were already taking tonnes of photos of that amazing chicken cordon bleu you were feasting on over candlelight, why not just upload it, and stand a chance to win RM500 worth of Celest Thoi designs? Just upload your lovey dovey pics from tonight, punch in the hashtag, and you’re good to go!... Read more » Read More

Heating it Up in Hong Kong!

With the beginning of a new year, there will always be exciting events to kick start the next 365 days of life. In my case, 2014 started with a trip up to Hong Kong, for the Hong Kong Fashion Week! Normally, Hong Kong is inundated with tourists and citizens alike during the spring season, and this year was no exception! The throng of humanity rushing about was certainly dizzying, but it gives the city it’s heartbeat and pulse. I attended the expo, as always, with the intention of absorbing and learning new things, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed! As with anything in Hong Kong, the expo venue was simply huge, with ample space for displays and vendors. The expo is... Read more » Read More

Happy Chinese New Year!

It has come to that time of the year again, where families near and far gather together to enjoy each others presence (and more often than not, to taste mom’s excellent cooking). On the eve of the new year, siblings, parents and children alike take this opportunity to rekindle relationships, update each other, and munch on endless jars of biscuits while exchanging juicy bits of gossip. To all my readers, I wish you a blessed reunion dinner tonight, and a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year! May the Year of the Horse bring you and yours bountiful joy, laughter, and good fortune, and may all good things come to pass. Time to break out those pinapple tarts and love letters,... Read more » Read More

2013: In Retrospect

They say there’s no rest for the wicked, and true enough, after the grand do at the Tatler’s Ball, I was almost immediately hip-deep in work for the Dare to Dream event at the Hilton! As always, taking part in a wedding showcase is a tiring affair, but most assuredly fun! This time round, the theme for the day was the Great Gatsby, and if you’re imagining 1920’s opulence, well, you’re about there. This wedding thematic wedding showcase brings out the look and feel of the jazz era, complete with vintage art decor, and breathtaking floral arrangements. The list of vendors and industry players that appeared on that day was long, and I had my own little corner as well!... Read more » Read More
Dear readers, Every now and then, I get to put down my stitching for a bit, and play dress up on a night out in town. This time ’round, I had the opportunity to attend one of the most exclusive and prestigeous events I’ve ever been to – the Malaysia Tatler Ball 2013! Since I don’t often get the chance to doll up, I eagerly went to work on a whole range of makeup and styling for myself, and after a reasonable amount of time, I emerged with this look! Kinda different from my regular look. Ironically, James only took a few minutes to shower and style his hair, and he manages to look all suave and debonair. Thats him,... Read more » Read More