Fancy A Dream Wedding?

If you had answered yes (or even if you didn’t) do swing by the Hilton this weekend to take a look at their latest offerings! As a deal sweetener, sign up for your wedding with the Hilton, and stand a chance to win a dream wedding worth RM120,000! Yes, you read that sentence correctly, its RM120,000, an amount sufficient to have an amazing event, with all the bells and whistles thrown in! Along with a host of other wedding professionals, I’ll be there to showcase my designs, in a venue themed after The Great Gatsby (think 1920’s opulence, and you’re about there) so do drop by to say hi! For more info, do visit the Hilton page. Cheers, and see... Read more » Read More
As most of you may know, I’m utterly hopeless when it comes to technology and all things related. With all the features most smartphones are packing these days, I only use my iPhone to call, sms, take pictures, and at most, upload a photo or two to Instagram. I’m rather old-fashioned, and would prefer to use a pencil and sketchbook to draw out my designs, rather than the newfangled devices that a lot of designers are using these days to electronically prepare their art. These somehow remind me of CIMB. This is done with a 3D scanner. So, I managed to surprise myself (somewhat) when I decided to head down to Singapore to visit the 3D Printing Conference and Expo,... Read more » Read More
Shiny, bejeweled rings are the source of much joy and excitement for women across all demographics. Somehow or other, the sight of the sparkly stone set on top of a polished ring sparks off all kinds of emotions in a female heart (namely the sudden inexplicable desire to ask the husband to drop by the jewelry store on the way home from work) As much as a dog is man’s best friend, so is the diamond ring a woman’s soul mate (even though it can’t bring over the newspaper or guard your house). Tiffany and Co. knows these facts very well, and doesn’t hesitate to produce immaculately crafted art pieces, designed to bedazzle and charm. When they had a showcase... Read more » Read More
A few days back, the Internet was abuzz with the wedding of Sir Patrick Stewart to his girlfriend, Sunny Ozell. For comic book and sci-fi fans, you would know that Patrick Stewart was the stalwart star of the legendary Star Trek series, and in more recent years, played Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men movie franchise. In the one and only public photo of their wedding ceremony at Lake Tahoe, you can spot another celebrity in their midst; Sir Ian Mckellen, who coincidentally plays the antagonist Magneto in the same X-Men franchise! Credits; John von Pamer Just throw in a huge British mansion in the background, and you’ve got a scene from the X-Men, right there! The lovely bride is... Read more » Read More
It was a rather gray afternoon when I trundled my infamous bell trolley into Le Meridien, with overcast clouds threatening to drop a tonne of rainwater onto a bustling KL city. I was early, and with good reason! It takes quite long while to set up for a show, and when its wedding gowns that you’re putting on display, it can be even longer! A Journey of Timeless Elegance was a joint collaboration between Le Meridien, and a host of industry players eager to showcase their offerings, and on the 8th of September, we all converged on the hotel, bearing with us our stock in trade…in my case, a bell trolley full of wedding gowns, shoes, fascinators, and anything... Read more » Read More
What is an engagement? To some women, it entails a whole courtyard of blooming flowers, a string quartet playing Canon in D, and a man on one knee drawing a velvet-wrapped box from his waistcoat, and with a flourish, presenting a diamond encrusted band with those immortal 4 words – “Will you marry me?” For some men, its about thrusting a band of metal (painfully obtained) with a rock glued to it under their partner’s nose, and uttering another 4 immortal words – “You want or not?” “You want or not?” – romantic or not!? Whichever way it plays out, the engagement ceremony will probably live on forever in the minds of the married couple, and related during many many... Read more » Read More
Dear readers and friends, Wondering what ring to get when you pop the big question? Looking for the perfect wedding gown to walk down the aisle with your loved one? Cracking your head over where to host your wedding dinner for that platoon of family members and friends? Well, if these burning questions are causing you sleepless nights (or if you happen to be free on a Sunday afternoon), swing by the Le Meridien KL on the 8th of September for a very, very special event! Yes, Celest Thoi (moi) will be joining forces with diamond design giant Tiffany & Co, The Photoz and many more industry players to bring to you an event not to be missed! A Journey... Read more » Read More
If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, The Apprentice is a reality game show which pits aspiring, dynamic, young businessmen and women against each other in a series of grueling tasks and challenges, all for the chance to work for American business magnate Donald Trump. Referred to as the “Ultimate Job Interview”, the series offers the opportunity for the winner to land a $250,000 contract to run one of Donald Trump’s companies (which is probably a dream come true for many ambitious people) Replace Donald Trump with Tony Fernandez, our own home-grown entrepreneur, and you’ve got The Apprentice: Asia! I had the opportunity to participate in Episode 7 of the series (enjoyably named “They Rap! They Beat-box! They Make Girls Cry!”),... Read more » Read More
After a delightfully relaxing stopover in London, it was time to switch into the fast lane, and catch some sights and sounds in romantic Paris! My all time favourite monument, here we come! Its an extremely majestic landmark which anyone can immediately recognize – no matter which country you’re from. The Arc de Triomphe (or in local context, Gerbang Berjaya), in full glory! The Paris Bridal Fair began in April, making it a jamboree of non-stop fashion shows, sashaying models, and dresses to make any wedding gown designer drool. Being an extremely popular event, it was jam packed with people. Held at the Halle Freyssinet, the illustrious fair is where one can preview the future – that of the fashion... Read more » Read More
The Paris Fashion Week is a semi-annual affair, an event that all fashionistas and designers look forward to like a kid looks forward to Christmas. Being a designer myself, I had always wanted to witness this glamourous event up close, and be part of all the glitz that’s associated with it. So, after ruminating long and hard about it, my hubby and I decided to take a trip to not just one, but TWO separate bridal shows! First up on our plate would be the Paris Bridal Fair (in Paris, no less), followed by an exciting excursion to Barcelona for the Barcelona Bridal Week 2013. Both of these 2 events showcase pieces of art at the pinnacle of high fashion,... Read more » Read More