Dear readers, Are you an avid follower of The Apprentice Asia? If you are, did you notice a rather familiar face been featured in the most recent episode, that looks just a tad like me? If your answer is yes, then you’ve just caught Celest Thoi in the 7th episode of Apprentice Asia! Unbeknownst to most, I had the opportunity to play a part in the exciting series thats making its rounds in our local region. If you’ve not watched the series before, here’s a little information about the show; “Based on the wildly popular reality show The Apprentice in USA…the one where Donald Trump says “You’re Fired!”, The Apprentice Asia pits a group of aspiring business-minded men and women... Read more » Read More

Celest Thoi Goes to Tokyo!

Some time back, in February, you might have noticed my abrupt disappearance for a few days. No kidnap attempt of any sort, I was actually accompanying my husband for one of his most favourite pastime – running marathons! Now, most of us would be thrilled to just take part in the local Standard Chartered Marathon (coming up soon), or the Adidas King of the Road Run (in good ol’ KL), but no, that wouldn’t do it for James. Fueled by his passion for putting one foot in front of the other in an endless loop, he signed up for one of the major marathons of the world – all the way in Tokyo. The Tokyo Marathon is a highly exclusive... Read more » Read More

Say Hi to Shirley!

Dear readers, If you’ve had the opportunity to drop by the shop in the past month or so, you may have noticed a hurried figure scurrying around the premise, with a puzzled frown on her face, and a clipboard in hand. Say hi to Shirley. Yes, the little lass that greeted you at the door with a shy smile is the newest member of Celest Thoi Designs! Recently graduated from Lim Kok Wing with a tonne of awards under her belt, Shirley began her foray into the world of fashion as an intern, and is now a permanent (and indispensable) part of the business! Don’t be daunted by her intense stare (and how this photo may remind you of a... Read more » Read More

Jehan Miskin Gets Hitched!

About a week ago, most of us were all agog over ballot boxes, indelible ink that may/may not have been washed off, and electricity issues. Despite it being an incredibly exciting time, there were some of us who’s minds were on entirely different things – like saying “I Do”! As stated in Kosmo!, the GE didn’t deter the happy couple one bit (except for momentary worry that there wasn’t anyone around to officiate the wedding!) Local celebrity Jehan Miskin exchanged vows with longtime sweetheart Julie Camelia Rhee in a glamorously traditional ceremony at the Carcosa Seri Negara (yes, its a mouthful). And, in the pre-wedding photoshoots, guess what the lady of the hour was wearing? *wink* If you guessed that... Read more » Read More
We’ve all seen it before; the sore thumb sticking out at a fancy wedding dinner. Here are some pointers on how to avoid making a dressing faux pas! 1. Avoid Jeans/Shorts Although this sounds pretty obvious, more often than not, a fair number of people turn up at weddings looking like city cowboys. Jeans and shorts may be comfortable to wear, especially for a wedding ceremony that may last for a good 3 hours or more, but it sends the vibe that you’re dressed down for a formal occasion, rather than appearing at your sharpest. A wedding is normally considered a social event, and appearing laid-back won’t do much for your reputation and credibility. 2. Don’t Wear White! White is... Read more » Read More
As a working mother, I can personally attest to how difficult it is to nourish your career AND your kids all at the same time. Its no joke, the amount of effort and time thats needed to make sure the client’s dress is ready for the big day and also attend your child’s open day at school. So, to all the mothers out there, a thousand cheers for being simply amazing! Happy Mother’s Day! With much love, Celest Thoi Read More

Happy Labour Day!

Good day dear readers! After a long year of slogging through work and drudgery, we finally come to the 1st of May, a very welcome respite! Celebrated internationally, Labour Day commemorates the efforts and contribution of all working individuals to our nation’s welfare and economy. So take this opportunity to kick back, take a break, spend time with your kids and family, and get recharged for another exciting week ahead! Best wishes, Read More
Its not every Sunday that one gets to see a gaggle of ladies happily sitting together around a table, chatting away while applying makeup AND surrounded by wedding dresses, shoes and a whole lot of other bridal accessories. Well, I had just the very chance to do the abovementioned, when Celest Thoi, I Do Weddings and La Mer got together to host a ‘discovery session’ for our clients, and the venue for the event was my very own shop in Publika! Sunday, where my little store was transformed from dreamy elegance… …to an intimate classroom session (complete with tables, chairs, and an amazingly trendy ‘cikgu’). In a collaborative effort to provide a little treat to our clients, I Do Weddings... Read more » Read More
A little over a month ago, I got a pleasant surprise when I was contacted by Brides UK, (a weddings lifestyle magazine from the United Kingdom), to inform me that Celest Thoi would be featured in their upcoming issue! Not long after, a shiny CD arrived in the mail, and the wrapper was barely off before I popped it into my PC to take a peek. A familiar logo right at the bottom! I was utterly beside myself when I saw the good ‘ol fleur de lis merrily popping up in the content, under the destinations section. Each traditionally printed Brides magazine comes together with a CD, with different subject themes. This time round, it was mainly about different locales,... Read more » Read More
Dear readers, there is always an inordinate sense of joy when one sees his/her work being displayed to the public for their consumption, like how any craftsman or artist feels when they finally see their masterpiece being hung on the wall of an art gallery. Da Vinci would have been beside himself to know that the Mona Lisa has become one of the most iconic paintings in modern history, and Michelangelo would also have been pretty happy to know that no one else has managed to decorate a chapel ceiling as intricately as he did. Having said that, I can’t claim any success as amazing as these masters, but I was certainly no less joyful when I saw my dresses... Read more » Read More