The Bridezilla

‘I may now kiss the bride? Maybe later…’ I have been asked by many people how do I manage the dreaded mythical creature known as the Bridezilla. Fortunately, God has been kind and I’ve rarely encountered nor had to deal with many such creatures….however, life is not perfect and there have been one or two. So I’m writing this article to share with brides-to-be a few simple rules to avoid transforming into a fire-breathing, grrrr-ing beast. A raging bride is to be avoided at all costs. Rule #1: Draw a Line and Don’t Cross It Friends and family members are the kindest people who wish you the best in your marriage. They are very willing to extend a helping hand... Read more » Read More
Dear readers, Talk about a packed new year! Time really flies when one is busy , and before you know it, its already the Year of the Snake! Here are some tips to keep in mind during this festive season; 1. For those already on their way (or going to be on their way) to Reunion Dinners, do drive safe and keep to the speed limit. Getting a speeding ticket is definitely not a way to demonstrate your prosperity. 2. When giving out angpaus this year, do be mindful that the RM20 note and RM10 note now looks terribly alike – don’t mix them up! (you’ll either get an unaccountable shortage in your notes, or glares from your nephews and... Read more » Read More

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

Thank God the world didn’t end in a cloud of blazing glory and hopefully it stays this way! We made it through another year and it has come to that time of the year again when we all get nostalgic, break out a bottle of liquid happiness, and take a retrospective view of all the things we’ve done this past 365 days. Thanks to the miracle of photos in the digital format (and to a large extent, Facebook), I managed to cobble together a mish mash of events that made up my 2012… Eco Fashion Showcase @ the Europa Night 2012! To be politically correct, the Malaysian International Fashion Week (MIFW, for short) happened last year, but I’ll just conveniently... Read more » Read More
Dear readers, I hope this blog post finds you in the best of health, and in the jolliest of moods this Christmas! First, we made it through the Mayan doomsday, and didn’t get smacked by a huge asteroid, or swarmed by ravenous zombies. Then, we survived crazy winds, torrential downpours and bucketloads of rainwater that threatened to send most parts of our city under the waves. Next, we braved mad traffic and overcrowded shopping malls, and practically slugged everyone in our way, just to pick up the gift that our daughter/son/wife/husband was praying to get. And finally, today, we celebrate a very joyous day indeed. =) Merry Christmas to all of you, and a Happy New Year ahead! I’m really... Read more » Read More
Dear readers, What a hectic month it has been! I’m sure you would have noticed that tonnes of weddings are going on in the month of December, with couples saying “I Do” on almost every weekend! Perhaps the possibility (as proposed by the Mayans) of the end of the world is spurring couples to finally tie the knot before all hell breaks loose. Or perhaps the number 12.12.12 was too tempting a date to resist (especially for the husbands who can never remember their anniversary dates). Or maybe its simply a good time to get married! Whatever the reason, its a joyous month indeed! Add the fact that Christmas is just around the corner, and New Year is rolling right... Read more » Read More

A Photoshoot With Jenny Sun!

Now, it may not seem like I enjoy being out in the sun, but there are times when soaking a little ultraviolet can be extremely delightful (its due to the Vitamin D that gets churned out, perks you right up) I got this opportunity to frolic in the sun when I had the opportunity to collaborate in a photoshoot with the maestro herself, Jenny Sun! It was an outdoor shoot, smack in the middle of the field, no less, with enough sunlight to properly light up her shots. Beautiful weather and cherry blossom as backdrop…what more can you ask for!? You must be wondering, how does one actually conduct a photoshoot in the middle of the day, with the Malaysian... Read more » Read More
Just a bit over 2 weeks ago, I had the opportunity to showcase my designs at a glitzy event called Fantabulous Weddings! at The Hilton, KL. And not only was I going to be able to get my pieces paraded, I was going to share the stage with the talented Carven Ong!! It was on an early Saturday morning that I packed the required dresses, and sped over to the hotel, just in time to begin the fittings. Needless to say, it was a hectic Saturday morning indeed. =) The ambience at the Hilton was nothing short of superb, with whimsically decorated stands and tables laden with sugar-coated treats! The early guests were treated to an entire smorgasbord of sweet... Read more » Read More

Memoirs of a Working Mum

Ever since I came out on my own, one of the most common questions I get from curious customers goes something like this; “You’re a mum of two? How DO you cope?” Having been in this line for a while, the most straightforward and realistic answer would be; ‘it’s not easy’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely in love with my two daughters, and I think the world of them. That being said, working and raising kids at the same time has to qualify as one of the most challenging tasks God set for women in this world. Calling it a balancing act would be an understatement! Being a business owner and a mum makes one a reasonably good juggler.... Read more » Read More
When it comes to sizzling celebrity lifestyle scoops, and insights into the newest and most fashionable trends, Hello! Magazine has always been one of the market heavyweights, and this month, I got to be part of it! The September issue of Hello! Magazine Malaysia sports four dazzling beauties on its cover, and they are none other than Sherin Wong, Stephanie Chai, Rachel Ng and Roshni Mahtani! These ladies are dotcom entrepreneurs, succesful, vibrant and delightfully stunning. Guess who got to supply the dresses, for this shoot? 🙂 The ladies, taking a breather before the shoot. Most people carry their handphones or wallets everywhere they go. Me? A dress-rack. From this tray alone, you can tell that the make-up artist means... Read more » Read More
Dear readers, In a recent photoshoot, I had the privilege of being part of a collaboration between Celest Thoi (my label) and Louis Vuitton! High-pitched shrieks about bags aside, this effort was to showcase their new bridal jewels collection, and I had the honour of supplying my dresses to complement the amazing pieces that LV would be putting on the shelf. Don’t mind me, I’m just adjusting the train. My ever-present clothes rack, that follows me around wherever I go. The gorgeous Stephanie Chai! Peeking out from behind a hanging ornament. The make-up artists at work (ladies, do try to ignore the superbly dashing, muscle-bound man standing at the back) Demure, and elegant as always! Shoes, shoes, shoes! (No photoshoot... Read more » Read More