Not too long ago, Signature Weddings released their July edition, together with the mini Wedding Book, and I had the honour of gracing their pages! Look out for this cover at your nearest magazine vendor/bookstore! If you just so happen to have a copy of this, and flip to oh, say, page 130, you might just spot a series of my dresses, in glorious, shiny technicolour! If you’re looking for all things wedding-related, be it a dress, a getaway, or simply stunning photos that make you feel like running to the chapel at this very instant, head over to Signature Weddings Asia. The talented people over there cobble together a myriad articles into a concise, and amazingly well-stocked storehouse of... Read more » Read More
Dear readers, After a temporary hiatus, I’m back! And with bucketloads of stories and events to share! First up would be my thrilling visit to Shanghai, for the 21st China Wedding Expo. Before I wax lyrical about the expo itself, let me gush about the hotel that I stayed in. Yes, you read it right, hotel. If you didn’t know, I absolutely love the excitement of visiting a new hotel, and taking pictures of the bed and rooms in it (I’m quite sure a lot of you do that as well!) The hubby and I were at the airport in the morning, and most of the vendors were closed, at that ungodly hour. Good thing there was the 24 hour... Read more » Read More
Lets face it; there are normally two prevalent reasons why we shudder at going to wedding dinners- 1. The hefty ‘angpau’ packet that we have to present. 2. The sheer boredom of attending a three hour ceremony where we have nothing to do but look nervously around the grand ballroom. Chinese wedding dinners tend to start rather late, and last long enough for you to wish that you had brought along a magazine to flip while waiting for the ceremony to end. Now, while its rather difficult to get away from No. 1 (unless you plead bankruptcy), there are several ways that you can turn a night of mind-numbing boredom into a passable, and maybe even delightful, time! 1. Talk... Read more » Read More
My, how the time has flown. In the blink of an eye, its already past the half way mark for the year! Somehow, the first two quarters just slipped by, and before we know it, its already summer. Having said that, this season would be an unreasonably hot one, what with the dry spells and such. Water shortages and blistering heat aside, summer is usually the time when the weather is perfect for running about in the park, and for kids to hurl water balloons at each other. How then do wedding couples conduct their ceremonies, if not in the cool comfort of hotels and air-conditioned restaurants? And how about the groom, sweating in the sweltering humidity, while he does... Read more » Read More
Hello readers! Its been a while since the store at Publika was opened, and if you’ve been over here, you’ll know what the interior of the place looks like. Since most of my stock are already in the store, most of the attention would be drawn to the wares, rather than the walls behind them. Looking back at my pictures, I can’t imagine the state my shop was in just a few months before! The original state of the Publika store was pretty much like an artist’s blank canvas; totally empty, and white. Here, you can see a lightweight partition pop up (one of the first things to get completed) Do these windows remind you of an abandoned warehouse? They... Read more » Read More

A Photoshoot at Le Midi!

In a recent photoshoot at the prestigious restaurant in Bangsar Shopping Centre, I had the privilege of seeing my creations (gown, shoes, and fascinator) being worn by a beautiful model, in an amazingly romantic venue – I love the food there too! ;p Putting on the beginning touches… The tools of the trade. Decor by Alann of Occasions!…bellissimo! Photography by Bonnie Yap! Me, adjusting the gown on the model. The accessories are from Kyla Ruiz. A wonderful blend of sophistication and simple charm! The hardworking team at work! Its always a joy to work with passionate people. Looking forward to our next do! Love, Read More
Its certainly been an incredible month for me! About a week back, I was featured in HELLO! Magazine, alongside my stunning models, and now, I have the good fortune to appear in Wedding Guide Asia! The good people over there conducted a short know-me session, and managed to capture the essence of my business in a short, sweet article. Scattered throughout the post are photos of some of my pieces, as well as shots of my new shop over in Publika! Here’s a snapshot of one my gowns. Read the article here! On another note, look what we have over at the shop! For heel aficionados, we have a new batch of footwear that made it to Publika! Classically elegant!... Read more » Read More
Dear readers, I am in HELLO! Magazine! Woohoo…thank you all @ HELLO! 🙂 Yes, I have the honour of being featured in the glamour and lifestyle magazine’s June 2012 issue, with a rather sombre-looking me sitting between two extremely tall ladies. Here are some behind the scene pixs… hair & makeup lighting & angle shooting the pool shots model by the pool with smoke effect working under unforgiving weather one for the road… ;p Don’t be fooled though, despite being a one-page spread, the amount of work that went into the photoshoot was tremendous! Hats off to the hardy models and photographers who spent a day (yes, a full day) parading around fully decked in their gowns, while the camera... Read more » Read More
What is it about the big day that gets the men (and sometimes the women) all wobbly-kneed? We’ve all seen it (or even experienced it); that sinking feeling of doom evidently felt by the bride or groom as the wedding day approaches. Wedding day jitters are surprisingly common in our society no thanks to the horror stories that goes through the minds of the prospective couple. I personally know of a client that called off their wedding just 2 weeks before the big day. Despite thinking that (at first) they could work through their personal issues, in the end, it was simply too hard, especially when their families got in the way as well. As such, they decided not to... Read more » Read More
After much running around and back-breaking effort, I finally have my own brick and mortar shop! Yes, Celest Thoi is now happily located in Publika, Solaris Dutamas, right smack above Plan B and the i-Store! (if you’re passing by these two awesome stores, please look up and you’ll see a glimpse of wedding gowns with light bulbs as backdrop. That’d be me.) Clients and friends alike (many clients have since became my personal friends) can now come over to the showroom for consultations, measurements, fittings, or just come hang out and chit-chat! The workspace in the gallery is now set up to tailor to these needs, and the comfy sofas strewn around the room would be heaven for the husbands-to-be... Read more » Read More