In an undisclosed residential location in Cheras not too long ago, I had a great time coordinating a photoshoot with the amazing people from Signature Weddings! Kimberly and Yong were at hand to direct the show, while I was rushing around putting finishing touches to the models before they took their spot in front of the camera. Think fashion show, but at a slightly (only slightly) more sedate pace. While the models were prepping themselves, we had the maesters of makeup Mae Liew and Cloudee Wong to work their magic, while Juno Ko of Snips took his scissors and combs to the models’ hair. In between shots, there was no lack of fun and laughter, as these professionals worked with... Read more » Read More

A Blog is Born!

Dear Readers, A very warm welcome to all my readers, new and old alike! Say hello to my revamped blog site! Here, you’ll find a slightly different aspect of my life, and take a peek behind what goes on behind the scenes in my work! Take, for example, my recent stint at the Malaysian International Fashion Week, held at Zebra Square not too long back. It was an extremely long day for me, but at the very end, it all paid off! The feeling of seeing my designs take the runway is rather indescribable, although I was rather nervous during the entire ordeal. Here’s a video of the proceedings; Furthermore, when I saw the length of the gowns trailing behind... Read more » Read More

A TVC Ad for FIL!

Dear readers, have you ever wondered what it’d be like to be in a TV commercial? I certainly did, until I had an amazing opportunity to be part of one! It was sometime in January, and it was for FIL, one of leading players in the beauty and wellness industry. I played, well, myself, and even got to fiddle with a wedding gown on screen! Truely my natural element. In any case, I can safely say, it was no walk in the park! It all starts with the essential makeup session. Hot, glaring lights, and a thick layer of foundation? Not very comfortable, but hey, its all part of the job! An all-ladies affair! Here, you can see Kady Leyau... Read more » Read More

Celebrity Dazzle!

It wasn’t all that long ago after the Malaysian International Fashion Week (MIFW) 2009 event that one of my pieces made it to the red carpet (Singapore’s version) when it was worn by Andrea de Cruz during the opening of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore! From the runway at MIFW2009 @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur… …straight onto the path of flashbulbs with Andrea de Cruz at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore! Andrea de Cruz, celebrity and wife of Pierre Png (or more widely known as Phua Chu Beng, brother of Phua Chu Kang the hit series) bought the dress right after it was paraded down the runway…literally fresh off the runway! Keep a lookout for more of my creations during the upcoming MIFW2011... Read more » Read More
Sometimes, its rather amazing to think that 2 whole years have passed since MIFW 2009, when everything seems like it was just yesterday! I can still remember frantically dressing the models backstage, while they sashayed back and forth on the catwalk, all the while trying to figure out where those safety pins went. Models bustled in and out, and the dressing area was like a little airport runway, with flights coming in and out, and people making announcements every few minutes or so. Me? I played the part of the happy air traffic controller, directing where the models would go, when they would step out, and what they had to change into. Backstage! Where 1/2 of the action takes place.... Read more » Read More