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Celest Thoi is moving to The Gardens, Midvalley!


For every new house owner, shifting homes is always an exciting thing. There’s that sense of adventure, the idea of waking up to something other than the same old thing that you’ve woken up to for the past umpteenth years.

The very act of painting the wall a different shade of pink and rearranging the sofa set can be an amazingly satisfying endeavour, one that speaks of new beginnings and fresh starts.

In my case, moving shop is every bit as exciting, and I believe equally challenging! Yes, after 5 years of setting up shop here, Celest Thoi will be moving from the 1st floor of Publika, to an exciting new venue! And like a shifting of homes, it’s definitely going to be an exciting and challenging exercise.

My boutique’s current location, in all its 1st floor glory.

Being in Publika all this while has definitely been a blast. As the first landing site that the spaceship settled on, B2-1-1 will always be akin to first soil trod on by adventure-seeking adventurers (and nervous wedding gown designers).

It began with the decoration of the empty shoplot that we first started with. The husband and I had our fair share of disagreements on how the overall shop would like, and it was safe to say there were many nights that we just stood at the doorway and bickered about the smallest details like lighting and switches! After a whole lot of discussion, we finally settled on the look that you now see today.

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