Dear readers, there is always an inordinate sense of joy when one sees his/her work being displayed to the public for their consumption, like how any craftsman or artist feels when they finally see their masterpiece being hung on the wall of an art gallery. Da Vinci would have been beside himself to know that the Mona Lisa has become one of the most iconic paintings in modern history, and Michelangelo would also have been pretty happy to know that no one else has managed to decorate a chapel ceiling as intricately as he did.

Having said that, I can’t claim any success as amazing as these masters, but I was certainly no less joyful when I saw my dresses grace the cover of Modern Wedding Australia!


Voila! Celest Thoi on the cover of Modern Wedding Australia.

Modern Wedding is the leading wedding guide over at the Land Down Under, with tonnes of resources, information, how-tos and solid sensible advice for aspiring brides to tap on. Ranked ‘Number One for Bridal Fashion’, the publication has inevitably become Australia’s Favourite Bridal Magazine…

…and my designs managed to make it there!


It was sometime in the month of November last year when I flew over to Australia to be part of a photoshoot, under the watchful eye of Jenny Sun, wedding photographer. Together with a team of enthusiastic artists (in their own fashion), we labored till exhaustion, to get it right. Tiring as it was, the results were simply amazing, and we were extremely satisfied with the overall whimsical and dreamy feel of the shoot (see above).

A thousand thanks to Modern Wedding Australia for the feature, and a round of good ol’ back-slapping for the team of talented people who made all of this possible! Kudos to Jenny and team, as well as the following stars;

Hair/Makeup: Amy Chan Hair & Makeup Artistry
Florals: Chanele Rose Flowers & Styling
Stylist: Jess from The Bridal Collective

Model: Monique Wright

Setting the mood for the perfect shot.
I couldn’t resist taking a photo with the stunning model.
For those inquisitive readers who are wondering what went on behind the scenes, do have a read about my photoshoot experience with Jenny, sometime back in November last year!
Till the next time,
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