They say there’s no rest for the wicked, and true enough, after the grand do at the Tatler’s Ball, I was almost immediately hip-deep in work for the Dare to Dream event at the Hilton!


As always, taking part in a wedding showcase is a tiring affair, but most assuredly fun! This time round, the theme for the day was the Great Gatsby, and if you’re imagining 1920’s opulence, well, you’re about there. This wedding thematic wedding showcase brings out the look and feel of the jazz era, complete with vintage art decor, and breathtaking floral arrangements. The list of vendors and industry players that appeared on that day was long, and I had my own little corner as well!


Cozy and small.


My infamous bell trolley.


The dinner event was simply superb, with amazing food, and an ambience that practically oozed charm and style.

Lynn Lim, the TV host and actress was the emcee of the gala dinner for the night, where 20 lucky couples received an invitation from the Hilton to partake of a sumptuous meal and mingle with each other.


We decked her out in 2 contrasting outfits, one in ravishing black, and the other in demure white.


Putting on the finishing touches.


Lynn and I.

The food arrangement was simply amazing! They even had mock proposal rings (edible) and candies in the shape of shoes!


Good enough to make anyone your fiance.


The Devil wears Prada (and his imps could possibly fit into these tiny heels)


Here, we have the chef making ice-cream from liquid nitrogen (with the ever present danger of losing a finger to frostbite!)


Like the look of this dinner table? Well, it was prepared by none other than…


…KenG, from The Occassions! (who coincidentally dressed in black & white)


Together with all the professionals in the industry!


A dinner table shot with Stephen Foong.


Dwarfed by Adric (left) and Gordon, from the Hilton! Lol


With Marianne from Tiffany & Co., and her handsome son.


Say hi to Deborah, from Signature Weddings!

All in all, a fun and satisfying day. Always a pleasure to work with these people who are brimming with passion, and at such a lovely location as well!

More pictures to ogle at, below.

With love,
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