Just a bit over 2 weeks ago, I had the opportunity to showcase my designs at a glitzy event called Fantabulous Weddings! at The Hilton, KL. And not only was I going to be able to get my pieces paraded, I was going to share the stage with the talented Carven Ong!! It was on an early Saturday morning that I packed the required dresses, and sped over to the hotel, just in time to begin the fittings.

Needless to say, it was a hectic Saturday morning indeed. =)

The ambience at the Hilton was nothing short of superb, with whimsically decorated stands and tables laden with sugar-coated treats! The early guests were treated to an entire smorgasbord of sweet delicacies (including a purple-coloured chocolate fountain, which I was dying to try).

As a precursor to the fashion show, there was a make-up guide session, conducted in a cozy little room just outside the elevators.

Carefully adding the finishing touches.

Before long, the guests were called into the hall, and settled themselves on the sofas and seats peppering the side of the walkway. Cue the lights, and the show was underway!

Nigel played the role of charming MC for the day. Thanks heaps, Nigel!

It began with a dance number by these 3 guys. Sizzling.

The first few of Carven’s pieces. He has amazing flair!

The men were not left aside, as you can see from this extremely dapper gentleman in a suit from Lord’s Tailor.

Ah, such a sweet couple. I can almost imagine the doves flapping away into the sunset.

Mayjune and Danielle all demure in white!

Draped all in white, she’s ready to walk down the aisle at any moment.

Tiffany & Co.’s accessories are simply exquisite!

And here I appear, with an extremely sheepish smile (which has somewhat become my permanent expression these days)

Shaking hands with the oh-so-handsome GM of Hilton, Daniel.

A group photo!

A shot with Carven, and Kim from Signature Weddings! (and yes, that is a green macaroon lollipop I’m holding in my hand)

All in all, an amazing day! Despite the harrowing moments (which are inevitable before every runway show), we managed to have our fair share of fun and laughter (and a whole load of diabetes-inducing snacks after).

Here are more photos from the event.

Till the next time,

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