My, how the time has flown. In the blink of an eye, its already past the half way mark for the year! Somehow, the first two quarters just slipped by, and before we know it, its already summer.

Having said that, this season would be an unreasonably hot one, what with the dry spells and such. Water shortages and blistering heat aside, summer is usually the time when the weather is perfect for running about in the park, and for kids to hurl water balloons at each other. How then do wedding couples conduct their ceremonies, if not in the cool comfort of hotels and air-conditioned restaurants? And how about the groom, sweating in the sweltering humidity, while he does his push-ups and other torturous challenges thought up by the bride’s ‘zhee muis’?

I spotted a section in TheStyleBlogger which creatively displays the types of fashion that would be suitable for summer – and this time, its all for the men!

How delightfully quirky! Check out those slippers! (Photo credit to TheStyleBlogger)

Normally, for the Malaysian groom, one would normally see the standard Men in Black suit, or certain variants of it. Here’s a treasure trove of casual, classy and downright quaint styles that you can consider if you’d like to jazz up your wedding day!

Do take a look at the link here! 12 different styles that you can emulate, for that special day.

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