Some years ago, I wrote about how local designers’ work were under-appreciated when compared with established international brands. It was written partly out of frustration and mostly out of a need to vent my opinion that local talent were just as good. (You can read all about my ranting over here)

Fortunately today, I get the sense that people now value local talent whether it is in music, comedy, sports, art, design and fashion. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the stigma surrounding locally made goods and services are beginning to fall away, to be replaced by a grudgingly earned sense of pride in our backyard produce.

Why is this important? Because it cuts away all the negative news (usually politics) and focuses on the beauty of humanity’s limitless creativity to replenish your soul. Look at all this young, raw talent that we have at hand!

Our local funnyman Douglas Lim needs no introduction, what with his long-standing service in the humour department in both TV and stage appearances!
(photo credit:


Young, beautiful and indescribably trendy, Charis Ow is making waves as a fashion influencer through her social media channels. (photo credit:


Locally born and bred artist Hong Yi (or more commonly called ‘Red’) is internationally acclaimed, and is fondly referred to as ‘the artist who paints without a paintbrush’.
(photo credit: TedX-KL)


We’re breaking into the music industry as well, with local singers like Yuna making it big in the international scene. (she has even collaborated with the likes of Pharell and Owl City!)
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Looking at all these talents, it’s not hard to imagine how far we’ve come since the early days where Malaysia was simply a dot on the map. For the fashion industry, the most recent event that I had a chance to participate in showcasing local designers was the recent Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2016! It was a glamorous affair, and the public saw the artistic side of our local creators as their models took the runway in breathtakingly inspiring designs.

Eclectic designs by Melinda Looi on the KLFW Runway!
(photo credit: Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready to Wear Facebook Page)

Avant-Garde pieces by Jimmy Lim, taking the KLFW 2016 stage.
(photo credit: Jimmy Lim Facebook Page, Photographer: JesseTeoh)

Hayden Koh mesmerizes the crowd with dresses and jumpsuits!
(photo credit: Elle Malaysia |

And I even got to showcase some of my own designs as well!
(photo credit: Razlan Johari)

Thank you Malaysia, you’ll be seeing a lot more of us to come.

Celest Thoi

Stay tuned for more news and coverage on the glitzy Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2016!

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