Thank God the world didn’t end in a cloud of blazing glory and hopefully it stays this way! We made it through another year and it has come to that time of the year again when we all get nostalgic, break out a bottle of liquid happiness, and take a retrospective view of all the things we’ve done this past 365 days.

Thanks to the miracle of photos in the digital format (and to a large extent, Facebook), I managed to cobble together a mish mash of events that made up my 2012…

eco-fashionshow-march12Eco Fashion Showcase @ the Europa Night 2012!

To be politically correct, the Malaysian International Fashion Week (MIFW, for short) happened last year, but I’ll just conveniently tag it as the starting point to a very exciting 2012. Here, you can see Deborah Henry (Miss Malaysia) towering over me, while my two daughters excitedly brandish their flowers in front of a laughing crowd.


I was invited for a radio interview with BFM for the 6th episode of StyleFile and not too long after that, I appeared in a short TV commercial for FIL, one of the leading players in the beauty and wellness industry in Singapore. Overcoming my overwhelming shyness of the camera, I managed to smile (nervously) while the reel was rolling away!


Moving on, I began to get even more involved in photo shoots (or, at least, my dresses did), and I took on several sessions with Signature Weddings, and Wedding Guide Asia! A stylist friend of mine also borrowed some of my dresses for his celebrity-studded 30th Anniversary champagne shoot for Pensonic.

ImageAs seen in Signature Weddings magazine

ImageDressing the team behind Wedding Guide Asia


These huge billboards are spotted all around Malaysia

Sometime in April, I finally opened the doors to my brick and mortar showroom in Publika (after much renovation and design-work). Finally, a place to hang my dresses and meet clients! (there’s a comfy sofa sitting right smack in the centre of the space, perfect view for the eager bride’s entourage when she steps out of the fitting room.


Some time during the year, I had the amazing opportunity to be featured in Hello! Magazine (or, again, my dresses did) and another round of appearances in the vaunted Signature Weddings magazine as well as the high society Talter Malaysia Weddings magazine.



Front cover!


Behind the scene with the power ladies!


As featured in Tatler Weddings 2012


A photoshoot session at the elegant Le Midi.

Closing in on August, I took a short trip to Shanghai to attend the Shanghai Wedding Expo, where I practically found heaven (in terms of fabric, materials, and anything related to bridal designs!)



Louis Vuitton Photoshoot, starring the gorgeous Stephanie Chai!

A little globe-trotting was in order, so I packed my bags and made my way to the land down under to collaborate with Jenny Sun in an outdoor photoshoot session set in Spring!


One cannot do this in Malaysia without melting into a puddle of water.

The Hilton played host to the Fantabulous Weddings event in October, where I got to showcase my designs alongside the renowned Carven Ong! There were write-ups in The Star & New Straits Times newspapers.


A group photo after the fashion show @ Hilton’s Fantabulous Weddings


The Star newspaper covering the Hilton Bridal Event


A little interview with Tatler Malaysia’s Nov 2012 issue


An interview about my style in Tatler Malaysia’s Dec 2012 issue


Me, peeking out from behind mannequins, in BridalTrend.


As hard as it is to believe, yes, that IS me in Her World magazine.

To top off the year, there was an appearance on television! Yes, I flew down to Singapore to be featured in Channel News Asia’s morning show – AM Live with Steve and Suzanne together with Ivan and Elizabeth from Fly Entertainment


And what a year it was! Month after month, there were heaps of work to be done and even more fun to be had! Despite the continous stress and exhausting days of squinting at tiny sequins, the joy of seeing my work being worn by the smiling brides on their special day is enough to make one to forget about all that.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the love and support I have received…I am truly blessed!

2012 has come to an end, and 2013 is just over the horizon. To my all my cherished friends (sorry I haven’t been as sociable as I should) and beloved family (love love love), here’s to another amazing year ahead! To all the newly married couples, I wish you all a lifetime of happiness and joy. Finally, to every bride-to-be I wish you an enjoyable journey and remember not to transform into the dreaded bridezillas. Hmmm…maybe that should be the topic of my next article….

Till the next time!
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