Dear readers,

I am in HELLO! Magazine! Woohoo…thank you all @ HELLO! 🙂

Yes, I have the honour of being featured in the glamour and lifestyle magazine’s June 2012 issue, with a rather sombre-looking me sitting between two extremely tall ladies.

Here are some behind the scene pixs…

hair & makeup

lighting & angle

shooting the pool shots

model by the pool with smoke effect

working under unforgiving weather

one for the road… ;p

Don’t be fooled though, despite being a one-page spread, the amount of work that went into the photoshoot was tremendous! Hats off to the hardy models and photographers who spent a day (yes, a full day) parading around fully decked in their gowns, while the camera crew furiously snapped photo after photo, just to get that perfect shot! Talk about professionalism.

Do pick up the freshly pressed June 2012 issue of HELLO! Magazine! Or drop by their Facebook page to take a sneak peek at their latest updates.

Much love,

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