IMG-20141128-WA0001As a frequent traveller, I always had a particular requirement that my luggage be of a certain quality. After all, when I’m disembarking on foreign shore, the last thing i want is to find my belongings scattered due to a snapped lock or torn zip. Furthermore, while dragging a trundling suitcase full of my client’s dresses and accessories, I certainly cannot afford to lose any of them along the way!

The simple solution? Rimowa. At this juncture, I can’t remember where or when I came to start using it, but its been around for awhile now like a trusted friend whom I’ve grown so used to but never really analysed how smart she actually is. It was only when Rimowa contacted me to take part in their campaign that I took a closer look at my luggage. When the Campaign Manager asked if I had ever used/owned Rimowa products, I sheepishly admitted that I did, but had no idea what the model was.

unnamed (6)

Sometimes, they serve as play pens for precocious daughters.

The photoshoot for the campaign actually took place in my humble Publika studio. Once again, the cameras and shades were brought in, and lo and behold! the Rimowa bags were rolled in as well (and in my favourite shade too!) It didn’t take all that long for the makeup team to work their magic, and for the light and sound crew to set up their equipment.


A crew of camera/light/sound and makeup artist replacing the usually excited bride and proud parents in my humble studio.


I was thinking, “Hmmm, what should I have at Mikey’s Pizza?”.


Fabrics – my preciousss fabrics.

And so, after all the hard work put in by the crew, here’s the final finished product! (that you may have spotted while walking around shopping malls, etc)


I absolutely love the colour contrast. Well done Rimowa!

Of course, after the campaign shots were done, there’s always a grand do to celebrate the inaugural moment that the campaign kicks off, and in my case, I was invited to Pavillion, to witness it. An undeniably glitzy affair, the event took place in the Centre Court of Pavillion, where a curious crowd of onlookers wondered what it was all about. As always, my family were there to enjoy the occassion with me. Nothing beats having family around!

unnamed (2)

My kids and I.

unnamed (5)

My Rock.

There were other campaign participants as well, movers and shakers in their own respective industries.

unnamed (4)

Yoon Li of Royal Selangor Pewter – one of the most humble and nicest people around.

unnamed (3)

Group Selfie~! A must at every occasion.

All said and done, Rimowa is a very reliable travel companion. From all aspects, it delivers, and it’s certainly a relief to know my belongings are safe in their hands (or compartments in this Case).
And, even when not in use it serves as a temporary playground for my kids. Works well for me!

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