Dear readers,

If you’ve had the opportunity to drop by the shop in the past month or so, you may have noticed a hurried figure scurrying around the premise, with a puzzled frown on her face, and a clipboard in hand.

Say hi to Shirley.

Yes, the little lass that greeted you at the door with a shy smile is the newest member of Celest Thoi Designs! Recently graduated from Lim Kok Wing with a tonne of awards under her belt, Shirley began her foray into the world of fashion as an intern, and is now a permanent (and indispensable) part of the business!


Don’t be daunted by her intense stare (and how this photo may remind you of a Japanese thriller film)… its just a sign of her incredible focus.

Fashion has always run strong in this lady’s veins, and during her stint in Lim Kok Wing, that flair led her to win multiple prizes in her faculty, notably for her amazingly unique designs and art pieces. Her biography is simply astonishing!

2011 The New Face of YODA fashion competition (MIFW 11′ YODA) – second runner up
2012 Emerging Designer of Mercedes Benz STYLO Grand Prix – Finalist
2012 Jimmy Choo Genovasi New Generation Fashion Award – Finalist
2012 J Spring Fashion Show on Petronas Twin Towers SkyBridge. (so called the highest fashion show ==) by tiffany
2012 SASA fashion on the turf

Feast your eyes on some of her work below;


Gritty, raw, and very, very avant-garde.


This drawing should be an indication of how edgy her designs are… a mark of a truly inspired artist!


From pencil lines to silky smooth cloth, her designs become reality!


You may not imagine yourself wearing this to a wedding, but who knows?


Sexy, alluring and oh so ethereal!


Creativity like this is one in a million (or perhaps even higher)

Slighly reserved at first, the KL-born and bred girl warms up like butter on a skillet after an amazingly short period of time. Don’t be fooled by her passive countenance! Underneath that pleasantly disarming smile lies a fiery tiger (or perhaps possum) waiting to unleash her ideas onto the unsuspecting public. Armed with a genuine love for the arts, she excels in client servicing, and will soon have you chatting amicably while she sketches your dreams on a A4 sheet.


Just look at those delicate hands! And that cheerful grin!

So, the next time you pop by the store, ask for Shirley, and you can look forward to an engaging and pleasant experience! Don’t worry, she won’t bite (too hard).


Yes, she does enjoy a glass of good wine.

With much love,
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