Shoes that are custom-made for your feet so that they are really fit for walking!

Most designs are made with silk satin / raw silk / lace with leather lining.
However, you may also choose from patent, leather, velvet, suede, other fabrics and selected skins to your liking!

These bespoke shoes are so comfortable you can have them on the whole day! The heels can be as low as 1 inch to as high as 6 inches depending on your preferences.




No matter how beautiful your dress may be, you can’t go without accessorizing it!

Be it headwear, footwear, bags, earrings, necklaces, ring pillows, there’s no room for errors.

Celest Thoi believes in perfection and she will work with you to design your shoes, veil, headpieces, ring pillows etc. to match your dress or theme!