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After a temporary hiatus, I’m back! And with bucketloads of stories and events to share! First up would be my thrilling visit to Shanghai, for the 21st China Wedding Expo.

Before I wax lyrical about the expo itself, let me gush about the hotel that I stayed in. Yes, you read it right, hotel. If you didn’t know, I absolutely love the excitement of visiting a new hotel, and taking pictures of the bed and rooms in it (I’m quite sure a lot of you do that as well!)

The hubby and I were at the airport in the morning, and most of the vendors were closed, at that ungodly hour. Good thing there was the 24 hour lounge that stayed open for me to catch 40 winks before the flight.

A forlorn-looking me reading Forbes in the wee hours of the morning.

After a somewhat uneventful flight, we reached our hotel, which turned out the be a lovely little affair called Hotel Indigo. This upscale boutique hotel sits on the Bund, and as can be imagined, has the most delightful views of the waterfront, and even more spectacular interior designs!

You have to take the high-tech Maglev train from the airport to the city which travels at a operational speed of 431 km/hour! Somewhat faster than our public transport systems. Hmm.

The delightfully austere deco of the hotel entrance (The bicycles are for hire)

As you walk in, you’ll notice that this hotel isn’t your regular run-of-the-mill chain hotels that have standardized interiors…

…in fact, the deco might seem rather quaint.

This is a set of jars, and in each jar is a tree limb, which then forms the entire tree! Artistic, I must say.

Ever got bored while showering? This shower room offers the showeree (?) an amazing view of the Bund, keeping him/her occupied while lathering, rinsing, and repeating!

Comfort, and practicality. Thats a rather huge bathtub too.

Here’s the gym that my husband spends his time in, while I shop. Thank God for gyms.

A bright yellow bicycle (again, I don’t think one can cycle this)

Classy, and quaint! Makes one think of fedoras and cheongsams.

Colourful curios, and hand-crafted decorations are scattered all around the place.

Just look at this bed! Sure beats the standard king/queen with lumpy pillows!

I was tempted to spend my whole day lounging on the gloriously cosy swimming deck.

I definitely have to get one of these for the house (although its bound to give the kids nightmares)

Yes, I have not even mentioned a word about the expo itself, due to my rather inane obsession with hotels! Stay tuned for Part 2, with more pictures and stories to come!

Peeping Tom.

Till the next post!

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