Travelling has always been one of the preferred perks in my line of work. More often than not, as a designer, my job takes me to different places to learn, absorb, and redefine my way of thinking every now and then, so that I can hone my creative edge and remain artistically different. Although it wasn’t all fun and games, nonetheless, every minute spent was certainly a memorable one!

My most recent educational trip to London was no exception.

It began with a venture into the University of the Arts, London, at Central Saint Martins (or, CSM, if the full name is too much of a tongue twister). A public tertiary art school, it offers a series of courses, ranging from full-time affairs, to short stints/summer courses. For me, it was an entirely different learning experience, in and out of the classroom! Of course, when one is in Rome, ones does as the Romans do. And when one is in CSM, one does what EVERYONE does… enjoy the scenery!



Joint learning session – it’s like school all over again!


A picture with my lecturer


The alternative classroom.

After the heavy dose of artistic influence, it was time for a stopover at the Victoria and Albert museum, one of the world’s largest museums of decorative arts and design. (and also conveniently located in London). Founded in 1852, it has enjoyed over 160 years of art appreciation… and most recently, my small feet tramping up and down it’s hallowed halls!


Serious looking bust sculptures.


Right outside the V&A.


Sketching photos of bust sculptures is a popular hobby.


I felt like I needed to sketch.


I found a nice, cosy spot, and got right at it.


Before long, my view was blocked by a gaggle of onlookers.

Not satisfied with tonnes (literally tonnes.. over 4.5 million different objects!) of archaic design material, the very next day, I made my way to the Paul Smith Design Museum for more contemporary art. Sir Paul Smith, the legendary English fashion designer was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2000, no mean feat indeed! The design museum, like the man himself, is a symbol of creativity and inspiration, built to commemorate these values. Walking about the museum, I could easily see how the museum’s creed – good design makes life better for everyone – was applied.


No doubt about the name.


If it wasn’t grey, and if there weren’t multiple replicas behind him, it could almost pass off as the real thing!


A funky car with PS iconic stripes and colours.


A series of clipboards.


I chose another spot to sit and sketch.

During my entire course, I had the pleasure of an extremely fun bunch of classmates from all around the world. Japanese, Russian, Polish and Dutch, language and race was no barrier when it came to art – after all, it transcends all boundaries!




Looking forward to visiting again!

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