The Paris Fashion Week is a semi-annual affair, an event that all fashionistas and designers look forward to like a kid looks forward to Christmas. Being a designer myself, I had always wanted to witness this glamourous event up close, and be part of all the glitz that’s associated with it.

So, after ruminating long and hard about it, my hubby and I decided to take a trip to not just one, but TWO separate bridal shows! First up on our plate would be the Paris Bridal Fair (in Paris, no less), followed by an exciting excursion to Barcelona for the Barcelona Bridal Week 2013. Both of these 2 events showcase pieces of art at the pinnacle of high fashion, so you can just imagine how excited I was at this opportunity! (my husband, on the other hand, was more excited about the prospect of a relaxing holiday)

Before we even reached these places, however, there was no shortage of adventure! At our first stopover in London, there was plenty of game afoot, and all manner of exciting experiences!

As we were walking along the street, my husband spotted an extremely familiar man lounging on the sidewalk, looking for all the world like an ordinary fellow waiting for a bus. Racking his brain, James finally felt a light bulb go off when the said person began to cross the street.


He has such a cool demeanour.

Yes, we managed to spot the extremely suave Simon Yam Tat-Wah, Hong Kong actor and film producer, in London. Now, James has always been a huge fan of this talented actor, so before we knew it, he was already shaking his hand, and lining up the camera for a photograph.


He was so warm and friendly when approached.


Mrs. Yam/Qiqi towers heads and shoulders above me…what’s new!?

Other than celebrity-spotting, we managed to catch some sights and sounds around London town before making our way to Paris. While randomly wandering around Leicester Square, we walked right into another star-studded event… the premiere of Fast and Furious 6! Think fast cars, hot women, and incredibly buffed men… and you’ve about gotten the picture.


Shiny, shiny cars. With lots of cameramen surrounding it.


I can almost disappear into the background.


Yet another shiny car.

It was a pleasant stopover, before the mad rush through fashionable Paris! Like any typical tourist, I made my way through rustic London, with several halts at different scenic spots.

Lunch_At_Convent_Garden Hotel_01

An oh-so relaxing breakfast at the Convent Garden Hotel. English breakfast tea, literally.

Lunch_At_Convent_Garden Hotel_02

Don’t mind me, I’m touristy that way.

After a sojourn through the streets, we paid a visit to the London Design Museum. Here, my artistic sense (or what I would like to think of as an artistic sense) kicked in, and I felt like I was let loose in a candy store.


A bit too many exclamation marks.


Brick and mortar.


Like a Tardis, just not so blue.


Me and hubby.

As a designer, part of my daily life includes perpetually looking out for new fabrics and materials. London was no exception, as I discovered a treasure trove of cloth and such that I immediately felt like carting back to Malaysia.


All business-like.


I could spend an entire day at this place.

As they always say, the calm is just before the storm! The idyllic time spent in London was just a precursor to the exciting adventure in Paris and Barcelona, so stay tuned to this blog to find out what transpires next!

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