Are you looking to have a one of a kind designer dress? Every bridal gown designer has their
own signature style. Which designer do you go for? Here are some insights on what to
look for before engaging a bridal gown designer.


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Knowing your own style.

After saying “I do” many enthusiastic brides-to-be will most likely have done their research and created an album of wedding dress inspirations. After saving many pictures on sites like Pinterest or Instagram, you will tend to gather many pictures with the same designers’ name. This will help you narrow down the style of what you’re looking for in a dress. During appointments, it is always good to show the designer these pics so they will have a clearer idea on the direction you’re looking at.

Determine the style of your wedding.

Whether if it is a hotel / garden / beach / church wedding, every dress has its own characteristic to suit the occasion. Knowing the destination and the intended setting of your wedding would really help to narrow down the design that is best for the ceremony.

Research about the designers’ style.

Before coming in for an appointment, why not scan through the website to know more about the designer and view their past creations. It is important to be able to “vibe” with the designers’ aesthetic, it is like meeting somebody at the middle of a bridge. Finding a designer with a similar taste helps in having a smooth process in the creation of your ideal dream dress.

Knowing your budget.

You could call in the office line / email to ask about the price range and any terms and conditions before booking an appointment with the designer. Some designers are famous for their high end creations, whist others cater for lower budgets. Many designers now have dresses with all kinds of price range so it is still possible to get a dress with your favourite designers’ name. If you’re looking for a totally unique dress, it could be worth approaching the designer about a bespoke creation. With so much options in the market, a lot of dresses tend to look similar. Popular designs are being mass produced and many dresses has lost touch of its uniqueness. Hence, some brides tend to go for bespoke custom-made services not only to personalise their wedding gown to suit their personal styles, but themes and ceremony styles as well.


Always allow ample time if you are looking to own a bespoke design. Most designers will require 3-6 months from conceptualisation (sketches) to delivery (the perfect gown). This will normally include a few fittings to perfect the dress. Details like ruching, lace patchings, embroideries and hand beadings will also add on to the timeline.

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